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New Customers Special Promotions

Shop High Speed Internet Plans.

Your Internet Service Provider of Choice for the Best High-Speed Internet!


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High Speed Internet

High Speed internet services near you with the download speeds up to 1000Mbps and no data caps. You can now download, stream and surf without worry. The most advanced high-speed home Internet at a great price, no matter what speed you choose. Need residential internet or Business Internet? Discount Cable Deals has got you covered.


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Internet Gig

Get Speeds up to one Gig

$ 69.99 Month
  • Get the ultimate Internet experience with Internet Gig
  • Get the best Wifi Experience Available
  • Ideal Choice for an Ultra Connected Home

Regular Price Starting at $84.99/Mo

Internet 500

Get Speeds up to 500 Mbps

$ 38.99 Month
  • Lightning-Quick Internet for Heavy usage.
  • Multi-Device HD Streaming,Multi-Player Gaming
  • Download Large Media Files Quickly

Regular Price Starting at $54.99/Mo

Internet Bundle

High-Speed Internet + Phone

$ 59.99 Month
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calls With 14 Essential Features
  • Bundle Voice and Internet and Save
  • Unlimited Internet with No Data caps

Regular Price Starting at $84.99/Mo

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1G High Speed Internet

Fastest Fiber Network

Great For Heavy Internet Use Gaming And Downloading.

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Suffering through a buffering?

Suffering through a buffering?

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No annual contract. We don’t lock you into an annual contract.


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Bundle Internet & Phone Services

Bundle to Save with High Speed Internet & Phone

Keep in touch with family and friends while saving money when you bundle digital phone with High Speed Internet for your home. Enjoy unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calling to anywhere in the U.S., along with our essential voice features, including caller ID, call waiting and spam call alerts.

Bundle Internet & Phone Services

High Speed Internet, Always a Mile Ahead.

High Speed Internet services comes with a number of great benefits, in addition to fast speeds and a secure connection. Shop high speend intenret plans and enjoy data caps & Annual contracts

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High Speed Internet in my area?

High Speed Internet
in my area?

Looking for fast, reliable internet from a reputable provider near you? Compare plans and pricing from High Speed Internet to find the best package for your home.High Speed internet offers a wide range of internet speed options and packages that are affordable and vary geographically. Internet usage varies with the number of users and the nature of online activities it is used for. That is why High Speed internet plans come with a variety of speeds. Each is designed to take care of a unique set of consumer needs. See which one of these fits your very own set of requirements the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose from speeds up to 200 Mbps, up to 500 Mbps or up to 1000 Mbps.

When looking to increase your home internet speed, you may consider choosing a higher speed internet service or optimizing your home network.

You can reach us in a few ways. Whether you want to call, chat online or read our forums, we’re always happy to help. Learn more about how to connect with us.

No. 1000 Mbps and 1 gig, or 1 Gbps, denote the same internet speed, just in different units of measurement. Both Gbps and Mbps are measurements of data transfer or, in other words, internet speed. Mbps stands for megabits per second. Gbps stands for gigabits per second. 1 Gbps, or 1 gig, is equal to 1,000 Mbps.

Mbps stands for megabits per second and it measures data transfer rates or the speed at which data can be transmitted over a network or internet connection. It’s commonly used to describe internet speeds.